In ricordo di un amico…

Il 2 ottobre 2010 ci ha lasciato Roberto Iacovich, un ex compagno, un amico, un ragazzo unico. Tutta la squadra di Pisa, dai più vecchi giocatori ai nuovi tesserati lo ricordano con immenso affetto.

Ciao Roberto

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30 anni di Subbuteo a Pisa
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Pausa Estiva

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The sports non-profitmaking organization “Black and Blue 1983 Pisa” operates in the sport of “Table Football” from 1983 – establishment year – to spread this activity to the areas near Pisa.

Our activity is addressed to promote and to practise this sport. Over these years we have been able not only to involve a number of young talents of our region, but also to achieve prestigious international results that have made our club one of the most prominent team in the world.

Starting from this season we have decided to intensify relationships with our city and with our institutions in order to foster our youth sector development, also to keep Pisa among the first cities in this sport.

Our organization earns its living thanks to the commitment of our Members through their membership fees and financial contributions which allow us to face ordinary expenses (sportswear, tournament fees, playing material, travelling expenses, …).

Sponsorships and advertising offers made by companies and institutions allow us to better plan our future activities.
If you share our activity you can help us to develop: in Italy law no 289/2002, art 90, paragraph 9 allows both people and companies to deduct financial contributions in sports non-profitmaking organization’s favour from taxes – maximum 19% of 1.500,00 Euros –. Above-mentioned contributions must be made only through bank transfer.

If you want to contribute by giving us playing materials or sportswear, we will be grateful as much.



The sports non-profitmaking organization “Black and Blue 1983 Pisa” dedicates this area to our seasonal supporters.
We will remind all our supporters both in our reports and within our media relationships. Moreover we will try to keep our club to the football table top-level, letting interested young people share in this, thanks to our region that will turn out to be full of these resources.

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